Feb. 21-23, 2019 | Atlanta, GA

WE shape the future for
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2019 Annual Conference for Greek Women Leaders


We’d like to recognize the campus programs, events, and efforts that align with our core values and exemplify the positive impact of women’s leadership.

  • Jane H. Sutton Advisor of the Year Award
  • New Professional Advisor Award
  • Panhellenic Impact Award
  • Greek Council Recognition Program

The Jane H. Sutton Advisor of the Year Award was established in March 2000. Jane had served as the second NPC Liaison to the Annual Conference for Greek Women Leaders. She served in this capacity for six years, prior to serving as the Alpha Xi Delta National President and the National Panhellenic Conference President.

Upon learning of her new responsibilities as Alpha Xi Delta President, the Annual Conference Committee entertained many ideas to recognize her unwavering devotion to Panhellenic ideals and practices. Jane presented a tireless dedication to valuing the role of the Greek advisor on the college campus, as well as to promote collegiate women’s leadership development.

Jane H. Sutton provided the Annual Conference with an example for all those who had the privilege of serving together with her. Her uncanny ability to balance professional and personal life, hard work and fun, and affiliation and Panhellenic goals was extraordinary.

It is with this understanding and insight that the Jane H. Sutton Advisor of the Year is one of the highest honors given annually to a Greek Life Advisor. The plaque bearing her name reads as follows:

“In recognition of an individual who goes above and beyond (his or her) duties as an advisor. (He or she) supports and exemplifies the ideals of the Greek community and promotes women’s leadership development throughout fraternal and campus communities.”

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Serving as a Greek Advisor on any college campus is rewarding and challenging. Often times the efforts and commitment to creating a positive Greek Life environment is overlooked in the first years of a professional career. The New Professional Award was established to recognize the dedication of a new professional with three or fewer years of experience who has exemplified the ideals of Greek Life on his/her college campus.

CCWL is proud to recognize the new professionals who are investing in the lives of Greek women and men on college campuses. The New Professional Award plaque reads as follows:

“The award recognizes a new professional who supports and exemplifies the ideals of the Greek community and fosters a learning environment on his or her campus.”

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Annually, Gamma Phi Beta presents the Panhellenic Impact Award to collegiate Panhellenics across the country to recognize programs that promote the Greek community positively to students, faculty, administrators and members of the local community.

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Annually, participants of the Annual Conference for Greek Women Leaders celebrate those campus organizations that have achieved excellence within their communities. Detailed information about our recognition program is given below.

• This program is designed to highlight creative Greek programs, events, and efforts in alignment with our core values of scholarship, leadership, philanthropy, and sisterhood.

• College Greek Councils are encouraged to apply for up to three categories.

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